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    When someone dies it is in most cases a shock and quite unexpected.  This in a world where we know for certain this will come to all of us.  But when?  For the person who dies, we really do not understand nor do we have the knowledge to comprehend what occurs.  For those of us remaining the pain is very significant.  Sometimes unbearable.  So many expectations we had, now all will have to change.   And yet we know this will come someday.

    Is there possibly any way to prepare for the day a loved one dies?  What tasks are to be done in anticipation of this dreadful day?  None is one answer.  If in our hearts we are attempting to live a life filled with love for all human beings, we will be as prepared as one can be.  As our understanding of life becomes more clear that it is a gift, we will find in our gratitude for this, another gift.  Being grateful brings us to a position of humility.  Being humble allows us to be in pain while at the same time being grateful for the gift of life which we have been given.  With the loss of a loved one, we will always hurt inside in ways which cannot be described.  But if we are connected through love with the God of our understanding, we will find the path to recovery is real.

            Fantine      Monday June 29, 2009

Fantine’s Voice

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        Death the unexpected certainty...


In honor of Fantine’s parents and all who have died, this page will remain for three days